Popeye's Picks

Hi I'm Popeye. If you're a regular to the shop you may have already met me.

After living on the streets of Brixton all my life, in 2018 I decided it was time to leave my wild ways behind and settle down, so I moved into Bookmongers, where I soon found myself running the show...

Living in a bookshop of course gives me plenty of opportunity to read and one of the pleasures of retirement means I've now got a lot more time on my paws to indulge my passion.

I read widely, naturally, and can heartily recommend these grippers; I devoured them all and am hungry for more...

Don't forget, if you choose one of my Picks, do leave a review to let me know if you enjoyed it too!

Popeye X

UNDER CONSTRUCTION...the mice are hard at work!



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