We're proud to say that Bookmongers is now on, a website offering a new way to discover books and buy online for home delivery; it's an ethical alternative to Amazon which is doing great work in keeping independent bookshops afloat. 
Simply CLICK ON THE LINK above and you'll go directly to our Bookmongers virtual shopfront!
There are currently about 1400 independent bookshops to choose from but if you'd like to support us do please ensure our Bookmongers name and roundel (the dog with his nose in a book!) are still showing at the top of your screen at check-out. In this way you'll be helping us as we'll receive a small portion of the proceeds from your purchases.
NB: There are also GIFT CARDS available and there's FREE SHIPPING for orders over £25!

As ever, thank you for your support!
Love from us all at Bookmongers X

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