About Us

Bookmongers secondhand bookshop, a Brixton institution, has been a constant on Coldharbour Lane since 1992, and is widely known for its unique atmosphere and independent spirit.

We're famous too for our animals: dearly departed dogs Leo and Rosa are commemorated in artwork inside and outside the shop, while the pugnacious Popeye, a former stray cat and veteran of Brixton market, is currently very much in residence.

Now, as ever, we aim to provide a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment for booklovers of all ages, and a meeting point and sense of continuity for the people of Brixton.

To get in touch please phone or use our contact form here

439 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton SW9 8LN



01. The Bookmonger
A short film about the shop...

02. The Mural
This film records the painting of the Dogs Of Bookmongers trompe l'oeil mural by local artist and Bookmongers staff member Wendy Coyne. It features Patrick's much-missed former companions, Leo and Rosa, and is a tribute to them both and to the shop itself.
A copy was originally hung on the wall outside as a 'window into the bookshop', and the painting itself can still be seen hanging at the back of the shop in the Children's section.

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